WikiLeaks…Love it or hate it

Julian Assange’s recent house arrest has made me think about what the WikiLeaks revelations really mean. Some people find them dangerous and unnecessary, while some find them impoartant and invaluable.

Some of the revelations I feel are very important. For example, the Iraq war logs released in October this year reveal to the public important information about how America and England wen to war. This is important for the public as we are informed of the intentions Blair and Bush had in going to war. It also reveals to the public what is happening in the war, and the death figures of Iraqis which the governement would have liked to keep secret.

It is important for the public to be aware of the Iraqi war revelations as normally we are only informed of the deatsh of the British and American soldiers. The leaks let us know that the war isn’t as fair as it may seem, and that the military sometimes do not act as we think. This is important information about how the war in Iraq is being carried out.

However,  the leaked cables earlier this month I do not think were essential, and I don’t  think benefit the public. They highlight the tensions between world leaders. they have caused a stir internationally, but have imposed danger upon the world and world relations. They are interesting to the public, but I don’t think they have been released in the public interest. I think this relase causes more danger than it does good. It is not important for the public to be made aware of what world leaders think of/say about one another. The WikiLeaks cables were incredibly interesting, as generally we have a thirst for private information. But do we really need to know these things?

Most of the public seem to think that WikiLeaks provides us with important information, that we need to know, and cannot have access to anywhere else.

Julia Greenaway

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