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Simon Rogers interview: Being a Data Journalist

Simon Rogers (@smfrogers) is a data journalism guru.  As Editor of The Guardian Data Store and DataBlog, he has been right at the centre of the biggest data driven stories of recent years. So what better person to interview for … Continue reading

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Hasn’t anyone told them yet?

I was reading a shot article in the Metro yesterday morning, and couldn’t finish it. I didn’t know why so I looked at the article as a whole. Then I realised, the article was just FULL of numbers. 35 figures … Continue reading

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When data journalism gets it wrong…

It only recently occurred to me that data journalism isn’t as new as I’ve come to believe over the last few months. I was watching the news when suddenly it was like a cloud was lifted, and then it hit … Continue reading

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Wolfram Alpha

Data at its most useful for journalism?? Goals Wolfram|Alpha’s long-term goal is to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone. (Text and image taken from We aim to collect and curate all objective data; implement every … Continue reading

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Assange’s Lawyer on Data Journalism

Mark Stephens, Julian Assange’s lawyer is always seen in the media as standing behind and supporting his client. Obviously he’s an expert in law, but what does he know or think about Data Journalism? Mark stephens by juliagreenaway Julia Greenaway

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Data Journalism and Football Transfer Windows

January is one of the biggest months for the football world. Fans see it as a time to act as managers over endless discussions about who should be at their club i.e. who should come, and who should leave. There … Continue reading

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Data journalism glams up for the Oscars with Wordle

Data often comes in spreadsheet form, like this  list  of ‘all the major nominees and winners for the 2010 film awards.’ But I find spreadsheet form hard to ‘digest.’ I find those listings of Oscar nominations hard to visualise, too, … Continue reading

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