Data journalism glams up for the Oscars with Wordle

Data often comes in spreadsheet form, like this  list  of ‘all the major nominees and winners for the 2010 film awards.’

But I find spreadsheet form hard to ‘digest.’ I find those listings of Oscar nominations hard to visualise, too, like in this online article:

You get a sense of the really popular films but not the ones with slightly less nominations. So I’m going to process the 2011 Bafta and Oscar nominations in Wordle. The film titles that appear larger in the graphics are the ones with the most nominations, and they get smaller the fewer nominations they have.

Here are the results:

OSCAR Nominations 2011

BAFTA Nominations 2011

So where does the journalism come in all this? Well, you can compare nominations from different award ceremonies. What does the variety of nominations say about the award ceremonies and how nominees are chosen?

Of course, you will need the precise data when producing the actual journalism but graphics can help you visualise along the way.

I can’t help but feel, though, that some graphics are less of a vital journalistic tool and more of an excuse to get creative on your computer for a few hours.

Claire Gilmore (@ClaireEGilmore)

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