The Importance of Aesthetics in Data

I spoke to Belinda Parmar, founder of that deals with making technology, information and data more accessible to women.

In my interview with Belinda, we discussed the accessibility of data in this day and age. I asked her whether she thinks it has improved or not. She commented that data has a long way to go but it’s slowly improving.

The ‘Death by Powerpoint’ days of dreary data are nearly a thing of the past. As far as making data more accessible to women however, there is still something of an uphill battle ahead…

Click on this link to be directed to the interview.

by Alex Lawton (@AlexandraLawton).


About Alexandra Lawton

Having completed a degree at Durham University in Anthropology, i'm now doing a masters at City University in Broadcast Journalism. I am 23 years old.
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