Who Knows Who?

Who Knows Who’ is an exciting webpage that shows connections between celebrities, created by Channel 4. The site creates maps of connections between famous people.

You can search for stories related to the celebrity, and then take a look of their map of connections, or you can just search for only the celebrity (however this isn’t always successful, and I will cover that more at the end).

If you roll your cursor over each connection it allows you to see who else that person is connected to. In this case I’m looking at Saif Gaddafi.

This website is a great example of showing clear connections between famous people. It also allows you to suggest stories about people and their connections, and also suggest connections between people.

However, as I mentioned earlier there is something this website isn’t great at. If you want to search a celebrity’s connections, you type them in the box. However, when I typed ‘Britney Spears’ 0 results came back. But if you type ‘Elton John’ you are able to browse his map of connections. I think the celebrity connections are only available if they have been in the news. I guess I’ll have to look for Britney results elsewhere…

Julia Greenaway

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