XCity award recognises Data Journalism.

City University London has announced that the Guardian‘s Simon Rogers has been awarded the University’s inaugural XCity award.

This is a £500 award that recognises outstanding work in the field of journalism to all former City University students.  Simon was nominated for his pioneering work in data journalism on the Guardian’s datablog and datastore. A first for the XCity award: data journalism!

Professor George Brock, Head of Journalism at City University London said,

‘Choosing one winner was difficult, but Simon’s contribution to the advancement of data journalism clearly places him at the forefront of his field and demonstrates the impact he is having on the future of journalism.’

Simon has been crucial on decisions to crowdsource data on MP’s expenses as well as covering the Wikileaks Afghan Warlogs in various newspapers. He is proof, that data journalism and online datalogging could be the future of journalism.

Simon has quoted,

‘I couldn’t be more thrilled. Data journalism has come on in bounds and leaps and I feel truly honoured to have received such an award in recognition of what’s been done in this field, especially in light of how many other amazing journalists there are that have come out of City University…’

He went on to say,

‘More than that, I’m thrilled that data journalism has been recognised as a new, innovative and important part of journalism today. I’m sure this is only the beginning.’

To see his acceptance speech click here

By Alex Lawton (@AlexandraLawton)


About Alexandra Lawton

Having completed a degree at Durham University in Anthropology, i'm now doing a masters at City University in Broadcast Journalism. I am 23 years old.
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