Data journalism from your mobile phone

U.S. telecoms carrier AT&T picked Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent to build its fourth-generation mobile network, one of the first major orders for the new Long Term Evolution technology. They have called this mobile the new LTE mobile.

The capacity is five to six times higher on the LTE because it uses four times more radio spectrum, according to Mikko Valtonen, a technology specialist at Rewheel consultancy.

This could make journalists’ jobs a lots easiers as they would be able to download data on the go.

LTE network technology promises data download speeds of up to 100 megabits per second, but typically the speed would be 10-30 megabits per second, on par with 3G networks. So this a real coup for both the manufacturers at Ericsson and journalists using the phones to download data.

This video shows you just how useful and advanced the new phone is.

From a data journalist’s perspective, a much bigger boost to mobile data usage has come from the development of 3G technology, which started from just 0.4 Megabites per second. With LTE’s upgrades, this has jumped to several Megabites per second.

This could encourage more journalists to try their hand at data journalism. However, with information and data research already at your fingertips from home, a journalist doesn’t really need to leave his or her computer to find a story. So is the LTE phone even necessary?

Whatever the outcome, the LTE phone could help shape the future of data journalism.

By Alex Lawton (@AlexandraLawton).


About Alexandra Lawton

Having completed a degree at Durham University in Anthropology, i'm now doing a masters at City University in Broadcast Journalism. I am 23 years old.
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