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Interview with Open Knowledge Foundation’s Jonathan Gray

Jonathan Gray (@jwyg) went to OKF Co-Founder Rufus Pollock about five years ago with a one page document which many moons later turned into WhereDoesMyMoneyGo.org. Since then he’s been working hard to make it easier to find and reuse all kinds of … Continue reading

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Data Journalism – The Hidden Truth

Data-driven journalism is respected for its credibility of fact and figures. If you ever need to clarify information, it is presented right there in front of you. It is truthful and valid but only IF the information is analysed correctly. … Continue reading

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‘Data porn’ – where is the journalism?

With a name like Chart Porn, you might get a few disappointed visitors to your website.  It describes itself as ‘An addictive collection of beautiful charts, graphs, maps, and interactive data visualization toys — on topics from around the world.‘ … Continue reading

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Is data making local government more transparent?

These days we are always reading about how local government is becoming more ‘accessible’ and ‘transparent’. Steps are being taken, largely through Freedom of Information requests, to open up details about council spending/ cuts/ initiatives/statistics. One of the main initiatives … Continue reading

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Interview with Martin Moore (Media Standards Trust)

One of the latest new additions to the online journalism community has been Churnalism.com which was launched on February 27th this year. It’s the brain child of the team at the Media Standards Trust, who were set up back in … Continue reading

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Data journalism from your mobile phone

U.S. telecoms carrier AT&T picked Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent to build its fourth-generation mobile network, one of the first major orders for the new Long Term Evolution technology. They have called this mobile the new LTE mobile. The capacity is five … Continue reading

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Interview with Oscar Blend

I spoke to Oscar Blend in an informal interview about the evolving nature and importance of data journalism in his newsroom at the Evening Standard. He describes the divides, the prevalence and the positives/negatives of online data usage at a … Continue reading

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