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Interview with Open Knowledge Foundation’s Jonathan Gray

Jonathan Gray (@jwyg) went to OKF Co-Founder Rufus Pollock about five years ago with a one page document which many moons later turned into WhereDoesMyMoneyGo.org. Since then he’s been working hard to make it easier to find and reuse all kinds of … Continue reading

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Interview with Oscar Blend

I spoke to Oscar Blend in an informal interview about the evolving nature and importance of data journalism in his newsroom at the Evening Standard. He describes the divides, the prevalence and the positives/negatives of online data usage at a … Continue reading

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Does data journalism work for all media platforms?

When reading a blog post entitled ‘Where should an aspiring data journalist start?‘ I came across a very interesting conversation in the comments section. A journalist called Matt said: ‘A key issue for me is humanising the data – trying … Continue reading

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Investigating the future of data driven journalism

Leading on from an interview with the BBC WM reporter Assed Baig who credited the use data driven journalism, I wanted to see how data-driven journalism is being approached by City University’s Journalism department. It is widely considered to be … Continue reading

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How are journalists getting to grips with data journalism?

I wanted to understand just how much data driven journalism is used by journalists already in the field. When reporting a story, usually you get an original source or a press release and from that, you have to take an … Continue reading

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Crime maps spreading crime?

Crime maps for where you live? Some would think it’s a wonderful idea. But others don’t agree. The map at http://www.police.uk/crime has got journalists writing away! Journalists have been able to use the crime map to criticise the move made … Continue reading

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