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Data Journalism – The Hidden Truth

Data-driven journalism is respected for its credibility of fact and figures. If you ever need to clarify information, it is presented right there in front of you. It is truthful and valid but only IF the information is analysed correctly. … Continue reading

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Europe’s arms exports to Libya: what’s the best visualisation to use?

The Guardian Datablog recently published data showing Europe’s arms sales to Libya, after the embargo was lifted, between 2005 and 2009. I’ve decided to put three visualisation websites and software to the test: which one will produce the most coherent … Continue reading

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XCity award recognises Data Journalism.

City University London has announced that the Guardian‘s Simon Rogers has been awarded the University’s inaugural XCity award. This is a £500 award that recognises outstanding work in the field of journalism to all former City University students.  Simon was … Continue reading

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What Is Data Journalism?

What is Data Journalism (d.j.)? I honestly thought this would be an easy question to answer, but then I had to sit down and write this blog and try to explain what exactly data journalism (d.j.) is. Whether the fact … Continue reading

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