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How transparent is the data on OpenCharities?

OpenCharities gathers financial data from 319,851 non-profit organisations. However, it’s difficult to draw consistent observations from the data available. Some profiles are incomplete or out-of-date while others include a full financial breakdown. The only figures that are disclosed across the … Continue reading

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Is data making local government more transparent?

These days we are always reading about how local government is becoming more ‘accessible’ and ‘transparent’. Steps are being taken, largely through Freedom of Information requests, to open up details about council spending/ cuts/ initiatives/statistics. One of the main initiatives … Continue reading

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Are data search sites reliable?

There is a growing demand that public data should be transparent and accessible. This demand has generated search sites where members can log in and ask other people, institutions and councillors for answers to their questions. I logged into getthedata … Continue reading

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What exactly is data journalism used for?

‘Extracting key facts from the big news stories and publishing them in machine-readable format so talented creative people can make beautiful displays.’ Lisa Evans, The Guardian We are in the midst of data journalism’s golden era.  I know this may … Continue reading

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