The Team

Julia Greenaway (@juliacgreenaway) is from Essex. She works for her local BBC station, and also has experience at ITN and Heart FM. She’s also an English graduate from the University of Leicester.

Michael Greenfield (@mgreenfielduk) is from Manchester and graduated from Bristol University in 2009. He started this blog as an amateur data journalist but is happy to have been promoted to intermediate level! As a broadcast journalist, Michael has had experience at BBC Radio 5 Live, ITV London, ITV Anglia and BBC Radio Bristol. He hopes to take his new found knowledge/appreciation of data journalism into broadcast media newsrooms.

Alex Lawton (@AlexandraLawton) is Durham graduate who has had experience at the Evening Standard, Daily Mail, ITN and BBC 4 Woman’s Hour. She lives in London and is intrigued by the evolving nature of data journalism.

Emily Lingard (@EmilyLingard) is from Shropshire and and graduated from York University in 2010. She has experience with ITV, BBC Leeds, The Sunday Times Magazine, Minster FM and The Shropshire Star. Having been relatively tech-phobic a year ago, she is now an avid follower of the data journalism world.

Claire Gilmore (@ClaireEGilmore) was brought up in France and studied at the University of Bristol. She has experience at BBC Inside Out West, Jack FM Bristol, Quicksilver Media and BBC Radio Berkshire. Although she is a literature graduate, she has always loved Maths and Statistics so was naturally drawn to data-driven journalism when she first arrived at City.

Riaz Jugon (@RiazJay) is from Leicester. He graduated with BA Hons in English. Riaz has worked for the BBC, Leicester Sound, Sabras Radio and the Islam Channel. Although not a big fan of stats and endless data, he has come to learn the value and importance of them, and has learned a skill that will be valuable as a reporter.


1 Response to The Team

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    Martin Trgina, CEO of TRGIMAN

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