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Data Journalism – The Hidden Truth

Data-driven journalism is respected for its credibility of fact and figures. If you ever need to clarify information, it is presented right there in front of you. It is truthful and valid but only IF the information is analysed correctly. … Continue reading

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Google, data and privacy abuse

Yesterday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruled that Google should face 20 years of monitoring. They were charged with deceptive privacy practices since the launch of their ‘twitter-esque’ social networking site, Buzz in early 2010. Thousands of people that had … Continue reading

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Youth unemployment: is it really as drastic as they say?

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) published some dramatic quotes last month relating to youth unemployment. The opposition leader, Ed Miliband, chants and jibes at the coalition for the ‘lost generation’. But figures that were not taken into account are … Continue reading

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When private data is made public

European Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding has recently called for citizens to have the right to proper data protection.She said that people deserve national regulators which will enforce privacy rules on social networking sites. There has been growing awareness about social … Continue reading

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